Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Is only for pune?

    No. As name suggests is run by Shri Poona Kapol Mitra Mandal. Its for all candidates all over the world.

  • Q2: How to view all candidates?

    After you click on view candidates, you will only see the first 300 candidates but you can see more after you click on next page

  • Q3: Can I view all candidates if I am not registered with it?

    Yes, you can view all the candidates. But in order for other candidates to see you, you will need to register on the website.

  • Q4: Who can register?

    Only Kapol candidates can register. However non-kapol candidates can view and contact suitable candidates. Non-kapol may select promotional email service

  • Q5: How to register?

    Click on register and enter your username, email, mobile number and security code
    You will be redirected to a new page which will contain the bio-data form. Make sure that you fill all the fields and we will store it. You will need to pay Rs. 1000/- as a one-time registration fee. Send your details by email to After confirmation with the bank, we will upload the same in 4 days.

  • Q6: How to make payment of Rs. 1000?

    By using Paytm option in your available in your profile

  • Q7: What is the validity of the registration charges ?

    Its a one-time fee up to marriage non-refundable

  • Q8: After registration, does suggests some candidates ?

    No, you have to visit the website and view candidates depending upon your choice. Depending upon your choice, you have to contact them directly

  • Q9: Can I view, edit, create candidates on my smartphone ?

    Yes, but it is advised you do that on your laptop / desktop.

  • Q10: How to remove my name from website after my engagement / marriage ?

    We strongly request to send your request by email (registered with us). We will delete the same in 4 working days.

  • Q11: What is promotional email service ?

    After opting for the promotional email service, we send the particular candidate photos, family photo, residence photo and biodata to all our 1500 registered members by email

  • Q13: Whom do I contact in case of any queries ?

    You can contact the Technical Committee members
    Amit Parekh (Sat & Sun). 9890939999 Shailesh Kanakiya (4 to 9pm). 9822012214 Jay Kanakiya (Sat & Sun). 8055815800 Dr. Mihir Mehta.

  • Q14: What are the terms and conditions ?

    1. or Poona Kapol Mitra Mandal has not verified candidate data and Mandal is not responsible for any false data.
    2. If any candidate will get engaged, it is candidate’s responsibility to inform to technical committee members.
    3. To delete the biodata website, Candidate has to send email to from registered email id only.
    4. Candidate’s biodata is open to all on the website. Anybody can view the candidate’s biodata.
    5. By submitting / updating biodata on website, candidate is agreed to provide full access of his/her personal information to the viewer.
    6. Candidate’s Biodata will be activated by Administrator within 4 to 5 days and you will be notified by email.
    7. Any offencive content / information / photograph should not be updated / uploaded by any candidate.
    8. If it is found, legal action will be taken and will be considered as broken of cyber lows.