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Profile ID: 3464

Full Name: Nidhi Rajesh Vora

Date Of Birth: 14/March/1993 09:32 am

Qualification: BLS/LLB from UPG, Company Secretary from ICSI, HSC from NM College of Law

Profile ID: 3461

Full Name: Vineet Dilip Parekh

Date Of Birth: 07/May/1989 03:40 pm

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering in ELECTRONICS

Profile ID: 3460

Full Name: Devanshi Sanjay Goradia

Date Of Birth: 23/June/1992 07:10 am

Qualification: B.com from K.E.S college kandivali.

Profile ID: 3458

Full Name: Somil Pankaj Mehta

Date Of Birth: 27/August/1991 04:50 pm

Qualification: Bachelor of Computer Application

Profile ID: 3454

Full Name: Bhakti Maheshkumar Valia

Date Of Birth: 12/January/1983 07:58 pm

Qualification: M com

Profile ID: 3453

Full Name: Bijal Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 14/November/1989 12:15 am

Qualification: Post Graduate in Early Childhood Education ,Counselling

Profile ID: 3447

Full Name: Pranav Parekh

Date Of Birth: 24/July/1993 06:35 am

Qualification: B.Sc. IT

Profile ID: 3442

Full Name: Dhruv Mehta

Date Of Birth: 01/September/1990 06:45 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant (ICAI), B.Com

Profile ID: 3440

Full Name: Ruchi Deepak Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 19/January/1990 06:10 am

Qualification: B.B.I, M.com, MBA (Finance)

Profile ID: 3437

Full Name: Prithvi Hemant Parekh

Date Of Birth: 19/November/1992 10:37 pm

Qualification: Bcom from Mithibai College , Pursuing CA ( Final ) and LLB ( Final )

Profile ID: 3433

Full Name: Monish Mehta

Date Of Birth: 07/October/1988 08:06 am

Qualification: chemical engg

Profile ID: 3430

Full Name: Jahnavi Bharat Parekh

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1994 11:09 am

Qualification: Bachelors in Accounting and Finance , Currently Pursuing Post Graduation and Diploma in Financial Management(PGDFM) from Mumbai University

Profile ID: 3427

Full Name: Vidhi Ketan Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 22/May/1993 09:35 am

Qualification: B.Com studing in C.S.Final YearPursuing MBA from velington institute of Management

Profile ID: 3426

Full Name: Dr. Bhavana Harshad Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 14/November/1988 11:49 am

Qualification: M . B . B . S , D D V L (Dermatologist & cosmetologist )

Profile ID: 3419

Full Name: Dushyant Satish Doshi

Date Of Birth: 13/October/1989 09:42 pm

Qualification: B.Sc I.T (Information Technology)

Profile ID: 3417

Full Name: Vishwas Sanjay Vora

Date Of Birth: 08/April/1989 06:42 am

Qualification: B.Pharmacy, MS in Perfumery and Cosmeticology, MBA in Perfumery and Cosmetics

Profile ID: 3414

Full Name: Nidhi Goradia

Date Of Birth: 03/June/1993 11:03 am

Qualification: Pursuing CS Final

Profile ID: 3413

Full Name: Pooja Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 12/April/1987 08:37 pm

Qualification: Human Resource

Profile ID: 3405

Full Name: Saurabh Arvind Valia

Date Of Birth: 07/August/1990 02:55 pm

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3404

Full Name: Ritesh Suresh Desai

Date Of Birth: 19/February/1979 12:01 pm

Qualification: 10 ssc

Profile ID: 3402

Full Name: Viral Nalin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 17/October/1989 07:46 pm

Qualification: Bcom, MCITP, CCNA, Comptia Security +, ITIL v3 foundation.

Profile ID: 3400

Full Name: Jasmita Himashu Mehta

Date Of Birth: 12/June/1990 04:20 pm

Qualification: Masters in Management studies (Marketing). B.Pharm

Profile ID: 3398

Full Name: Mansi Bharatkumar Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/January/1994 07:15 am

Qualification: Master of Computer Application from Gujarat Technological University

Profile ID: 3394

Full Name: Tej Arvind Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 07/September/1986 04:45 pm


Profile ID: 3392

Full Name: Ronak Sanat Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 04/November/1991 06:35 am

Qualification: Bachelors in computer engineering

Profile ID: 3390

Full Name: Taral Rajul Modi

Date Of Birth: 25/July/1993 11:05 pm

Qualification: B. E. Electrical

Profile ID: 3389

Full Name: Ankit Mahesh Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 20/March/1991 03:55 pm

Qualification: Masters in Automotive Engineering from University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA (2015)

Profile ID: 3386

Full Name: Disha Valia

Date Of Birth: 20/September/1986 07:45 am

Qualification: BA in economics

Profile ID: 3385

Full Name: Jay Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/October/1987 01:58 pm


Profile ID: 3379

Full Name: Nidhi Mehta

Date Of Birth: 10/April/1993 05:20 pm

Qualification: Bachelors in Financial Markets from University of Mumbai, Certified Financial Planner from FPSB India, CWM from AAFM US, completing 2nd year in MBA in Financial Planning from University of mysore

Profile ID: 3378

Full Name: Riddhi Yatin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 01/June/1993 10:52 pm

Qualification: ARCHITECT

Profile ID: 3377

Full Name: Dhrumal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/April/1986 08:37 am

Qualification: MAsters In Hotel Management from NewZealand

Profile ID: 3375

Full Name: Dhaval Mansukhlal Parekh.

Date Of Birth: 28/July/1988 05:35 am

Qualification: B.COM. - BANKING & INSURANCE (B.B.I).

Profile ID: 3359

Full Name: Grishma Bharat Mody

Date Of Birth: 08/October/1992 09:16 pm

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3358

Full Name: Chaitanya Jitendra Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 16/September/1989 07:18 pm

Qualification: B.tech (Computers) ., full time MBA from TAPMI, Manipal, Udapi

Profile ID: 3357

Full Name: Sagar Jayant Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 14/June/1990 02:10 am

Qualification: Mba Finance from N.L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research, B.E in Electronic and Telecommunication from D.J. Sanghavi College of Engineering

Profile ID: 3354

Full Name: Khushbu Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/October/1984 02:55 pm

Qualification: Masters in Commerce & Export-Import

Profile ID: 3351

Full Name: Rinal Dhiren Karvat

Date Of Birth: 17/April/1992 05:15 am

Qualification: B.Com, Pursuing Company Secretary Final (Cleared 1 group), Diploma in patisserie (Pastry chef- Lavonne academy, Bangalore, London city&guilds)

Profile ID: 3345

Full Name: Kishan Satish Karvat

Date Of Birth: 02/July/1989 03:50 pm

Qualification: MBA in Finance from N.L Dalmiya Institute and B.E. in Electrical from S.P. College of Engineering, Cleared FRM Level One

Profile ID: 3343

Full Name: Priyal Bhupesh Vora

Date Of Birth: 24/August/1990 02:27 pm

Qualification: Associate degree in Photography from Academy of Art University (USA). Diploma in Fine art photography from NIP (Mumbai). B.Com from M.K Sanghvi Collage (VileParle, Mumbai).

Profile ID: 3342

Full Name: Chintan Manish Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 19/November/1991 11:55 am

Qualification: Masters in Electrical Engineering (USA)

Profile ID: 3340

Full Name: Mehul Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/November/1988 07:09 am

Qualification: B.com, MCA

Profile ID: 3335

Full Name: Chandni Parekh

Date Of Birth: 19/June/1987 04:45 am

Qualification: MBA - Human Resource

Profile ID: 3334

Full Name: Dhaval Modi

Date Of Birth: 24/November/1987 12:44 am

Qualification: Electronics & Telecommunication

Profile ID: 3331

Full Name: Ayushi Manoj Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/July/1994 11:20 am

Qualification: B.Sc in Textile & Fashion Technology from Nirmala Niketan College (Churchgate) , Certified course in Computer Aided Designing.

Profile ID: 3329

Full Name: Hardik Vijay Vora

Date Of Birth: 23/April/1991 07:20 am

Qualification: MBA in Financial Management from Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research ,Post Graduation in Banking Operations from Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance, Bcom from N.M. College

Profile ID: 3327

Full Name: Mr. Nayan Bhutta

Date Of Birth: 08/September/1989 10:55 pm

Qualification: B.com

Profile ID: 3326

Full Name: Devang Ajay Parekh

Date Of Birth: 17/October/1986 12:28 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3325

Full Name: Virali Rajendrabhai Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 26/October/1991 08:05 am

Qualification: M.com

Profile ID: 3320

Full Name: Dhara Bhavesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/September/1990 02:10 am

Qualification: Bachelor in Accounting and Finance and CA 1 st level clear

Profile ID: 3319

Full Name: Manish Haresh Vora

Date Of Birth: 15/July/1991 06:03 pm

Qualification: PGDM ( Post Graduation diploma in Management ) Specialisation : Finance ( Derivative Capital )

Profile ID: 3317

Full Name: Dr.namrata Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1989 06:43 am

Qualification: MS in Opthalmology

Profile ID: 3316

Full Name: Grishma Atul Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 19/February/1988 01:42 am

Qualification: B.A, E.C.C.Ed, B.Ed

Profile ID: 3315

Full Name: Sagar Rajendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1989 10:55 pm

Qualification: Bachelors in Computer Engineering (B.E)

Profile ID: 3314

Full Name: Aditi Tushar Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 20/May/1993 12:10 pm

Qualification: fashion design

Profile ID: 3312

Full Name: Mayank Paresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/April/1986 08:10 am

Qualification: Masters in Marketing from University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Profile ID: 3311

Full Name: Ankit Ajay Jangla

Date Of Birth: 01/September/1988 12:05 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Graduate from NM College.

Profile ID: 3309

Full Name: Dewanshi Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 02/September/1993 02:45 pm

Qualification: MBA ( FINANCE, H.R.)

Profile ID: 3308

Full Name: Archana Bharatkumar Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/November/1991 11:05 pm

Qualification: MBA in Finance

Profile ID: 3307

Full Name: Abhay Kishore Goradia

Date Of Birth: 20/November/1980 12:00 am


Profile ID: 3299

Full Name: Neha Vinay Sheth

Date Of Birth: 10/April/1991 08:02 am

Qualification: Advance 3d animation and Vfx

Profile ID: 3290

Full Name: Vaibhav Pramodchandra Meh

Date Of Birth: 22/January/1994 08:01 pm

Qualification: B.E.CIVIL ENGINEER,Preparation for master of engineering

Profile ID: 3284

Full Name: Rahul Dilipbhai Sayar

Date Of Birth: 11/January/1980 07:00 am

Qualification: Diploma in Automobile engineering

Profile ID: 3282

Full Name: Disha Modi

Date Of Birth: 28/November/1990 01:15 pm

Qualification: MBA in Human Resource

Profile ID: 3280

Full Name: Binita Mayur Patel

Date Of Birth: 04/February/1990 06:33 pm

Qualification: CS and Pursuing LL.B

Profile ID: 3279

Full Name: Mansi Chandresh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 21/October/1993 02:20 pm

Qualification: MBA from Aston University, London

Profile ID: 3278

Full Name: Kruti Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 16/July/1985 02:05 pm

Qualification: BA LLB

Profile ID: 3277

Full Name: Hiren Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 04/March/1985 06:06 pm

Qualification: HSC COMMERCE

Profile ID: 3276

Full Name: Bhavin Yogesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 31/January/1992 02:09 pm

Qualification: M.Com, Computer Hardware & Networking

Profile ID: 3275

Full Name: Dr. Bhavin Jayant Doshi

Date Of Birth: 02/January/1984 11:10 am


Profile ID: 3274

Full Name: Divyesh Narendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/February/1990 11:05 am

Qualification: bcom & export &import course N.L college malad

Profile ID: 3271

Full Name: Jay Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/April/1990 02:32 pm

Qualification: B.com and Banking Exam appeared

Profile ID: 3266

Full Name: Hiral Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/May/1991 12:35 am

Qualification: EXTC

Profile ID: 3263

Full Name: Sanket Deepak Goradia

Date Of Birth: 23/April/1990 12:00 am


Profile ID: 3262

Full Name: Parth Bhadresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/June/1991 10:35 am

Qualification: B.M.M (Bachelor Of Mass Media)

Profile ID: 3258

Full Name: Akash Suresh Desai

Date Of Birth: 21/September/1986 07:27 am

Qualification: SYJC

Profile ID: 3245

Full Name: Meera Bhavinbhai Desai

Date Of Birth: 01/August/1992 03:45 pm

Qualification: B.E. Computer Engineering

Profile ID: 3237

Full Name: Jimit Kamlesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 30/November/1992 08:00 pm

Qualification: Commerce graduate with distinction, Pursued two years of Company Secretary.

Profile ID: 3236

Full Name: Jai Parekh

Date Of Birth: 26/January/1990 08:25 pm

Qualification: B.F.M

Profile ID: 3229

Full Name: Darshita D Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 06/January/1987 09:45 pm

Qualification: M.com + A.T.D

Profile ID: 3225

Full Name: Karan Sanjay Mehta

Date Of Birth: 26/May/1990 06:10 pm

Qualification: BSc-IT, BCA, Diploma in Dot Net Technology (NIIT), Microsoft Certified Professional

Profile ID: 3224

Full Name: Raj Nitesh Bhutta

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1990 08:30 pm

Qualification: B.E. in Computers

Profile ID: 3223

Full Name: Krupa Sunil Parekh

Date Of Birth: 10/April/1992 08:40 am

Qualification: Bcom, IPCC and CS executive cleared. Persuing CA final

Profile ID: 3219

Full Name: Palna Bankim Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 16/April/1992 07:37 pm

Qualification: BBM (IB) – MIT Pune University, Post Graduation in Event Management – From NIEM – Pune, Pursuing M.Com – Pune University

Profile ID: 3218

Full Name: Jatin Kishore Goradia

Date Of Birth: 25/July/1983 09:40 am

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 3216

Full Name: Abhay Kishore Goradia

Date Of Birth: 20/November/1980 11:05 pm

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 3215

Full Name: Pratik .ravindra.sheth

Date Of Birth: 23/May/1991 03:07 pm

Qualification: BCOM,BCA,NISM

Profile ID: 3212

Full Name: Mitali Harshadbhai Shah

Date Of Birth: 20/January/1995 06:40 am

Qualification: Bcom(in gujarati medium)

Profile ID: 3211

Full Name: Kinjal Kishor Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/March/1985 10:20 am

Qualification: Master in Computer Management

Profile ID: 3208

Full Name: Madhavi Yogesh Bhuva

Date Of Birth: 01/November/1991 02:45 am

Qualification: MBA in Human Resource

Profile ID: 3200

Full Name: Shreyansh.h.mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/January/1986 09:31 pm

Qualification: M.sc (micro),B.sc(micro),D.pharm

Profile ID: 3199

Full Name: Harshil Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 28/August/1989 01:50 pm

Qualification: B.E in Computer Science

Profile ID: 3197

Full Name: Ronak Harshadkumar Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 16/December/1987 02:11 pm

Qualification: Mechanical engineering from k J Somaiya college of engineering

Profile ID: 3183

Full Name: Premal Doshi

Date Of Birth: 31/January/1986 09:43 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3168

Full Name: Chirag Mahesh Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 15/July/1990 10:30 am

Qualification: B.Com, LLB.

Profile ID: 3166

Full Name: Shikha Kamlesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/December/1992 01:55 am

Qualification: B.com; LLB; CS (Pursuing)

Profile ID: 3153

Full Name: Manali Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/January/1990 12:00 am

Qualification: ssc

Profile ID: 3152

Full Name: Dr.jigna Rajnikant Parekh

Date Of Birth: 05/November/1981 12:00 am

Qualification: MBBS; MBA in Healthcare Management

Profile ID: 3137

Full Name: Mansi Doshi

Date Of Birth: 01/September/1989 12:35 am

Qualification: Hsc ,Ecc

Profile ID: 3133

Full Name: Mrudit Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 16/November/1987 09:15 am

Qualification: Electronics Engineering

Profile ID: 3098

Full Name: Shivangi Shanghvi

Date Of Birth: 29/September/1989 07:44 am

Qualification: B.Sc (Biotechnology), B.Ed.

Profile ID: 3097

Full Name: Khushboo Sanat Chitaliya

Date Of Birth: 26/August/1988 05:44 am

Qualification: BA/ MA/ French 1st level / Fashion designer

Profile ID: 3096

Full Name: Fenil Lalit Goradia

Date Of Birth: 23/November/1987 05:05 pm

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3094

Full Name: Malvi Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 01/February/1991 06:32 pm

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3091

Full Name: Bhakti Pankaj Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 18/September/1991 06:08 pm

Qualification: Bachelor in banking and insurance, MBA in HR , Mcom part1

Profile ID: 3088

Full Name: Janki Prakash Modi

Date Of Birth: 09/June/1993 10:06 am

Qualification: MSC IT

Profile ID: 3087

Full Name: Hemen Satish Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 31/December/1975 12:00 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3085

Full Name: Nishita Jayesh Doshi

Date Of Birth: 13/December/1993 09:36 am

Qualification: B.Com from N. K. College, M.Com from Mumbai University, B.Ed. from Oxford College.

Profile ID: 3080

Full Name: Tejas Pankaj Parekh

Date Of Birth: 18/July/1991 08:34 pm

Qualification: B.Com , Chartered Accountant , LLB (General)

Profile ID: 3079

Full Name: Foram Prakash Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/October/1992 07:10 pm

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3076

Full Name: Gaurang Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 06/April/1986 06:45 am

Qualification: B. Com

Profile ID: 3068

Full Name: Niraj Lalit Mehta

Date Of Birth: 18/October/1985 05:15 am

Qualification: T.Y.B.Com

Profile ID: 3067

Full Name: Dhrumil Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/February/1989 06:45 am

Qualification: BE - Computers

Profile ID: 3064

Full Name: Ruchita Desai

Date Of Birth: 27/January/1992 01:21 am

Qualification: Bachelor in Accounting and Finance

Profile ID: 3063

Full Name: Kartik Modi

Date Of Birth: 30/January/1988 07:13 am


Profile ID: 3062

Full Name: Amit Rajendra Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 03/August/1988 02:02 am

Qualification: post graduate diploma in finance management

Profile ID: 3061

Full Name: Niharika Paren Sheth

Date Of Birth: 03/September/1992 07:04 am

Qualification: Applied Arts from Sophia College Mumbai, BA with Literature

Profile ID: 3060

Full Name: Yash Vidyavrat Muni

Date Of Birth: 26/October/1987 06:40 am

Qualification: Master of Computer Science from Binghamton University, New York State

Profile ID: 3058

Full Name: Pooja Dharmesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 06/April/1993 01:47 am

Qualification: b.com

Profile ID: 3053

Full Name: Dhagash Kaushal Vora

Date Of Birth: 29/December/1989 01:12 pm

Qualification: MBA (Finance), M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Profile ID: 3052

Full Name: Khyati Doshi

Date Of Birth: 13/May/1993 05:10 pm

Qualification: Bachelors of commerce from N.M college , CS,LLB

Profile ID: 3051

Full Name: Maulik Mehta

Date Of Birth: 05/December/1985 06:55 am

Qualification: B. Com

Profile ID: 3049

Full Name: Komal Jayesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 17/October/1992 07:55 am

Qualification: BMM

Profile ID: 3048

Full Name: G0plka

Date Of Birth: 15/October/1987 11:55 am

Qualification: Inter-CA (ICAI), B.com

Profile ID: 3043

Full Name: Sonal Parekh

Date Of Birth: 16/September/1986 12:24 am

Qualification: TYBA MBA

Profile ID: 3041

Full Name: Karan Narendra Jangla

Date Of Birth: 30/October/1988 10:10 pm

Qualification: B.E. Computer Engineering

Profile ID: 3038

Full Name: Chintan Virendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 31/January/1990 11:15 pm

Qualification: B e in Electronics and telecommunications

Profile ID: 3036

Full Name: Naynesh Gunvantrai Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/April/1990 12:05 am

Qualification: B.E. Electronics & Telecom.

Profile ID: 3035

Full Name: Kajal Doshi

Date Of Birth: 14/March/1992 09:52 am

Qualification: BMM(bachelors of Mass Media)-K C College,Mumbai

Profile ID: 3034

Full Name: Khushboo Vinod Jangla

Date Of Birth: 12/August/1992 07:13 pm

Qualification: Company secretary (C.S) (Final year), Masters in Commerce (M.COM)

Profile ID: 3032

Full Name: Hansat Parekh

Date Of Birth: 13/April/1989 09:42 pm

Qualification: PGDBM Marketing from N L Dalmia Management College and BE Comps in K J Somaiiya (Mumbai University)

Profile ID: 3029

Full Name: Malav Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 18/December/1989 05:18 pm

Qualification: Product Desingner from National Instituted for Desing, Ahemdabad, India; MA/Msc Dual Master's Degree in innovation design Engineering at Royal College of Art & Imperal College London, Uk

Profile ID: 3027

Full Name: Pathik Vimal Modi

Date Of Birth: 22/March/1989 07:13 pm

Qualification: MBA (Finance) , CFA level-1

Profile ID: 3025

Full Name: Hardav Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/April/1989 09:12 am

Qualification: Appearing final CA

Profile ID: 3024

Full Name: Ishita Milan Goradia

Date Of Birth: 20/March/1988 09:12 am


Profile ID: 3022

Full Name: Nayan Yogesh Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 05/December/1991 09:05 am

Qualification: MBA (marketing & Operation) from ICFAI hyderabad

Profile ID: 3020

Full Name: Jatin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1986 10:43 pm

Qualification: MBA/MMS in Finance, FRM, DTIRM

Profile ID: 3019

Full Name: Mahek Bharatbhai Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1985 02:40 pm

Qualification: Mech. Engineer

Profile ID: 3018

Full Name: Falgesh Prataprai Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 27/October/1976 10:37 am

Qualification: B.Com., Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3014

Full Name: Aditi Rajesh Valia

Date Of Birth: 06/September/1993 05:37 pm

Qualification: M.COM, B.ED

Profile ID: 3011

Full Name: Siddhant Goradia

Date Of Birth: 22/September/1991 09:26 am

Qualification: B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies and Catering Services

Profile ID: 3009

Full Name: Soham Nilesh Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 05/September/1990 03:25 pm

Qualification: Masters in Global Business- Marketing (S P Jain School of Global Management) , B.E - Electronics Engineering(Mumbai University)

Profile ID: 3007

Full Name: Komal Kishan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 22/May/1985 10:02 pm

Qualification: HSC from B.M. Ruia Girls college

Profile ID: 3006

Full Name: Kuntal Amit Vora

Date Of Birth: 20/September/1992 01:00 pm

Qualification: M.A. in Counselling Psychology (SNDT University), B.A. in Psychology (Mumbai University)

Profile ID: 3005

Full Name: Miral Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 27/December/1991 09:34 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3003

Full Name: Punit Hitesh Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 09/September/1991 02:30 pm


Profile ID: 3002

Full Name: Pratik Nilesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/January/1991 11:00 am

Qualification: B.E. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer

Profile ID: 3000

Full Name: Dr Aakruti Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/November/1984 03:08 am

Qualification: BDS(Dentist)

Profile ID: 2999

Full Name: Parag Tarun Parekh

Date Of Birth: 01/August/1984 01:30 pm

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 2993

Full Name: Aakash Kirti Mody

Date Of Birth: 10/February/1992 06:30 am

Qualification: OWNER

Profile ID: 2991

Full Name: Vaibhav Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 02/April/1987 08:05 am

Qualification: Diploma In Business Management

Profile ID: 2990

Full Name: Krupali K. Sheth

Date Of Birth: 19/September/1992 10:52 pm

Qualification: MBA - Finance

Profile ID: 2988

Full Name: Khushbu Bhavesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1989 07:39 pm

Qualification: MBA in Marketing from Hult University,Dubai and BE in Chemicals from DJ Shanghai, Mumbai

Profile ID: 2985

Full Name: Miten Shailesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 16/October/1990 08:21 am

Qualification: B.com

Profile ID: 2983

Full Name: Kinjal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 11/December/1992 09:45 am

Qualification: Masters in Business Management

Profile ID: 2981

Full Name: Anushree Kirti Mehta

Date Of Birth: 23/June/1990 06:40 pm

Qualification: B.A.

Profile ID: 2977

Full Name: Krupali Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/September/1988 04:30 pm


Profile ID: 2975

Full Name: Drashti Atul Goradia

Date Of Birth: 01/October/1993 02:42 am

Qualification: B. E (Electronics)

Profile ID: 2974

Full Name: Dhwani Dharmesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 08/August/1992 10:00 pm

Qualification: Postgraduation in Advertising, Design and Digital Marketing

Profile ID: 2973

Full Name: Zubin Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 25/June/1989 12:00 am

Qualification: Electronics and Telecom Engineering

Profile ID: 2972

Full Name: Aditya Nirmal Modi

Date Of Birth: 30/January/1989 11:40 am

Qualification: L.L.B., B.Sc (Hospitality and Hotel Management)

Profile ID: 2970

Full Name: Mihir Kantilal Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 08/September/1980 01:50 pm

Qualification: B.com & Jewellery designing

Profile ID: 2969

Full Name: Dhvani Yogendra Busa

Date Of Birth: 01/February/1992 08:45 pm

Qualification: B.D.S.(Dentist)

Profile ID: 2967

Full Name: Pooja H Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 21/November/1992 09:45 am

Qualification: post graduate diploma in labour program

Profile ID: 2966

Full Name: Megha Anilkumar Parekh

Date Of Birth: 21/November/1997 05:55 pm

Qualification: Computer Engineer S.E. IN Pune.

Profile ID: 2965

Full Name: Prachi Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/July/1992 01:03 pm

Qualification: Masters in Information Management, Syracuse University and B.E in Information Technology, D.J.Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai

Profile ID: 2964

Full Name: Khushali Jitendra Parekh

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1994 05:00 am


Profile ID: 2962

Full Name: Mit Sheth

Date Of Birth: 14/October/1990 06:25 am

Qualification: B.Tech in Information & Communication from DAIICT, Gandhinagar

Profile ID: 2961

Full Name: Manthan Kirit Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 04/February/1988 04:45 am

Qualification: C.S, LL.B, MBA (Finance), B,com

Profile ID: 2955

Full Name: Gunjan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/June/1990 10:15 am

Qualification: Masters of Science, Electrical And Computer Eng, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Profile ID: 2954

Full Name: Vidhi

Date Of Birth: 21/January/1986 04:13 am

Qualification: CS, LLB, MBL, B.com

Profile ID: 2953

Full Name: Sweta Bharat Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 10/January/1992 10:36 pm

Qualification: BscIT, MscIT

Profile ID: 2945

Full Name: Khushbu Mehta

Date Of Birth: 27/July/1991 08:01 pm


Profile ID: 2944

Full Name: Mihir Parekh

Date Of Birth: 10/May/1984 06:40 am

Qualification: B.E. I.T.

Profile ID: 2942

Full Name: Ruchita Harendra Goradia

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1986 09:05 am

Qualification: B.Com. Diploma in H.R.D

Profile ID: 2941

Full Name: Khushboo Sureshbhai Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/December/1989 02:30 am

Qualification: M.Sc ( Chemistry) B.Ed

Profile ID: 2939

Full Name: Kalpesh Arvind Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/August/1980 10:45 am

Qualification: Bcom ( Diploma in Electrical & Electronices).

Profile ID: 2937

Full Name: Jay Dilipbhai Modi

Date Of Birth: 10/August/1984 12:31 am

Qualification: B.COM

Profile ID: 2934

Full Name: Rajiv Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 20/April/1989 11:30 pm

Qualification: CA , MCOM , BCOM PURSUING CS

Profile ID: 2930

Full Name: Twisha Anil Mehta

Date Of Birth: 12/December/1990 09:48 am

Qualification: B.Com. pursuing CA. Appeared for FINAL CA exam

Profile ID: 2926

Full Name: Darshan Pravinkumar Patel

Date Of Birth: 27/September/1988 08:35 am

Qualification: software engineer , currently work on APPLE PROJECT

Profile ID: 2923

Full Name: Khushali Jitendra Parekh

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1994 05:05 am

Qualification: bcom pass English

Profile ID: 2919

Full Name: Rohan Harshad Shah

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1988 01:20 pm

Qualification: B.Com, CA ( Final yet to be cleared)

Profile ID: 2915

Full Name: Mitesh Ashokbhai Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 05/July/1981 07:30 am

Qualification: Graduate from P. D. Lions College of Commerce & Arts

Profile ID: 2912

Full Name: Payal Hemant Kothari

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1993 01:48 am


Profile ID: 2911

Full Name: Vikrant Ashok Patel

Date Of Birth: 25/May/1990 07:55 am


Profile ID: 2910

Full Name: Ashish Yogesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 28/March/1990 12:00 am


Profile ID: 2905

Full Name: Parth Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 11/October/1990 11:24 am

Qualification: MBA Finance from GIM

Profile ID: 2903

Full Name: Shraddha Nilesh Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 27/April/1992 02:16 am

Qualification: B.E. ( computer ) Mumbai University, M.S. ( Computer ) From University of California Los Angels..

Profile ID: 2902

Full Name: Ami Mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/October/1992 10:29 pm

Qualification: M.com

Profile ID: 2901

Full Name: Sheekha Shah

Date Of Birth: 24/February/1986 04:24 pm

Qualification: M.Sc in Biotech, Bangalore University

Profile ID: 2900

Full Name: Jimit Nitin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/September/1991 07:45 am

Qualification: B.E. Mechanical

Profile ID: 2899

Full Name: Sneha Praful Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 07/May/1991 09:45 pm

Qualification: M.Com

Profile ID: 2898

Full Name: Nidhi Raju Vora

Date Of Birth: 14/March/1993 09:32 am

Qualification: 1. CS from ICSI Institute 2. BLS/LLB from Pravin Gandhi College Of Law; 3. HSC from N.M College

Profile ID: 2897

Full Name: Priyanka Sanghavi (usa)

Date Of Birth: 24/October/1992 02:43 pm

Qualification: Masters of Science (Electrical and Computer),University of Colorado, Boulder,USA, 2016

Profile ID: 2895

Full Name: Amit Pankaj Kothari

Date Of Birth: 20/June/1990 12:08 am


Profile ID: 2894

Full Name: Keyur Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 09/June/1986 08:00 pm

Qualification: Medium English ssc and Jewellery course and computer course

Profile ID: 2892

Full Name: Dharmesh Ajay Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 26/August/1985 12:10 am

Qualification: Computer Engineer

Profile ID: 2891

Full Name: Dhaval Akshay Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 28/July/1988 12:03 pm

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 2890

Full Name: Vidhi Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 06/October/1993 03:43 pm

Qualification: Masters in International Relations*-

Profile ID: 2889

Full Name: Krupa Yogesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/September/1990 11:18 am

Qualification: MCOM PART -2 ACCOUNT KES SHROFF COLLEGE, Diploma in dot net technologies from NIIT

Profile ID: 2887

Full Name: Hiral Premang Goradia

Date Of Birth: 14/September/1990 03:57 pm

Qualification: MBA [HR], Bachelors of Management Studies (Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management)

Profile ID: 2885

Full Name: Kunal Sanjay Muni

Date Of Birth: 14/December/1989 12:00 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant + CPA + MCom + BCom(NM College - Mumbai)

Profile ID: 2882

Full Name: Viren Hemant Muni(patel)

Date Of Birth: 26/July/1992 11:50 pm

Qualification: B.Com

Profile ID: 2881

Full Name: Zankar Sanghavi (usa)

Date Of Birth: 31/July/1991 10:13 pm

Qualification: MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering, USA | BE in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Profile ID: 2880

Full Name: Ushma Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/December/1991 05:38 am

Qualification: Digital Marketing Specialization (University of Illinois), Chartered Accountant- Final, Diploma in Taxation and Law

Profile ID: 2879

Full Name: Dimple Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/December/1990 11:10 pm

Qualification: MBA-FINANCE

Profile ID: 2873

Full Name: Disha Jayesh Doshi

Date Of Birth: 01/January/1993 08:40 am

Qualification: Masters in Clinical Psychology, Graduation in Psychology-Major (Mithibai), Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Remedial Education

Profile ID: 2872

Full Name: Dhara Vora

Date Of Birth: 23/February/1987 09:48 pm

Qualification: B Com with Banking and Insurance

Profile ID: 2869

Full Name: Jigar Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/December/1989 08:30 am

Qualification: Bachelors in Computer Science, Mumbai University, Masters in Information System, Pace University, New York.

Profile ID: 2864

Full Name: Devesh Pradip Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1990 02:10 pm

Qualification: MS in Computer Science

Profile ID: 2863

Full Name: Tanvi Mody

Date Of Birth: 24/December/1989 12:46 pm

Qualification: BA in Economics , ECC.ed course

Profile ID: 2861

Full Name: Hemal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/August/1986 06:13 pm

Qualification: B.com & Diploma in special effects

Profile ID: 2859

Full Name: Raj Madhusudan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 22/June/1991 12:00 am

Qualification: 12th pass in science

Profile ID: 2858

Full Name: Parth Jayesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/March/1991 10:34 am

Qualification: MBA in finanace

Profile ID: 2856

Full Name: Ritesh Ashwin Desai

Date Of Birth: 15/November/1990 09:01 pm

Qualification: BCom + PG Telecom Management + MBA IT Project Management

Profile ID: 2854

Full Name: Ami Suresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 16/June/1993 07:58 pm

Qualification: M.com

Profile ID: 2853

Full Name: Jinal Bharat Kanakia

Date Of Birth: 01/March/1992 10:37 am

Qualification: Graduate from Hinduja college currently pursuing PGD from welinkars

Profile ID: 2850

Full Name: Parag Jashmin Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 23/August/1990 01:17 pm

Qualification: CA , Bcom , CS ( Final )

Profile ID: 2849

Full Name: Parekh Ravi Rasikbhai

Date Of Birth: 04/December/1991 01:40 am

Qualification: MBA(Finance)

Profile ID: 2846

Full Name: Komal Shailesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 06/November/1990 12:47 pm

Qualification: BA (SIES College, Sion), Diploma in HR from Welingkar Institute, (Matunga) , Diploma in Career Counselling -2016 (SIES College, Sion)

Profile ID: 2839

Full Name: Neeleni Durgesh Kapadia

Date Of Birth: 09/November/1991 12:07 am

Qualification: B.Pharm (Mithibai Collge), MBA in Pharmaceutical Administration from Welingkar Institute

Profile ID: 2838

Full Name: Mallika Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 11/February/1990 03:07 pm

Qualification: PDBM - HR

Profile ID: 2837

Full Name: Nikhil Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 23/August/1985 06:55 pm


Profile ID: 2836

Full Name: Vishwa Kamlesh Doshi

Date Of Birth: 13/November/1992 02:15 am

Qualification: CA, CS, CFA level 1 cleared

Profile ID: 2835

Full Name: Pinkesh Kishor Doshi

Date Of Birth: 01/October/1989 07:36 am

Qualification: CS ( executive)

Profile ID: 2831

Full Name: Kunal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1979 12:00 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 2830

Full Name: Niketa Mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/February/1988 06:45 am

Qualification: Masters in Physio-therapy

Profile ID: 2828

Full Name: Dr. Ritu Dharmendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 11/June/1992 05:31 am

Qualification: Bachelor of dental surgery

Profile ID: 2827

Full Name: Mitesh Padia

Date Of Birth: 14/November/1987 12:00 pm

Qualification: BMS

Profile ID: 2825

Full Name: Dharmik Bupendrabhai Muni

Date Of Birth: 23/November/1987 03:20 pm

Qualification: B.com, pursuing CA finals, pursuing MBA in Finance completed 1 year

Profile ID: 2823

Full Name: Dishant Rajesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/August/1988 01:40 am


Profile ID: 2818

Full Name: Saumil Jayesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 20/April/1990 07:19 pm

Qualification: PGDM in marketing (MBA)

Profile ID: 2816

Full Name: Janki Prakashbhai Hakani

Date Of Birth: 23/February/1990 09:45 am

Qualification: Interior Designer

Profile ID: 2815

Full Name: Bansri Hitesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 10/September/1990 10:20 am

Qualification: FDa in Interior Architechture

Profile ID: 2814

Full Name: Khyati Nitin Vora

Date Of Birth: 01/December/1981 10:20 am

Qualification: M. Com., M. Phil., Ph. D.

Profile ID: 2813

Full Name: Ankit Goradia

Date Of Birth: 13/September/1984 08:45 pm

Qualification: T Y B COM

Profile ID: 2812

Full Name: Ritesh Sudhir Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 03/March/1975 06:38 am

Qualification: HSC PASS

Profile ID: 2804

Full Name: Nidhi Rajendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 09/December/1988 03:04 am

Qualification: B.M.S

Profile ID: 2803

Full Name: Ami Prakash Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/March/1991 08:42 am

Qualification: Company secretary

Profile ID: 2800

Full Name: Mansi Jitendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1988 04:10 pm

Qualification: MBA from SIESCOMS

Profile ID: 2795

Full Name: Aayushi Himanshu Mehta

Date Of Birth: 27/September/1988 03:12 pm

Qualification: MBA From IIM Trichy

Profile ID: 2793

Full Name: Kavita Vora

Date Of Birth: 02/September/1975 02:25 am

Qualification: Bcom.

Profile ID: 2792

Full Name: Vishal Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 23/June/1987 08:25 pm

Qualification: MBA from University of East Anglia (UK)

Profile ID: 2789

Full Name: Kruti Mody

Date Of Birth: 22/October/1978 11:35 am

Qualification: CS, LLB

Profile ID: 2788

Full Name: Viren Rajubhai. Mody

Date Of Birth: 03/February/1979 12:00 am


Profile ID: 2786

Full Name: Mansi Himmatlal Parekh

Date Of Birth: 30/November/1988 12:42 pm

Qualification: Bachelors in Banking & Insurance & MCom in Management from KPB Hinduja College - Charni Road

Profile ID: 2785

Full Name: Shreena Samir Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/November/1993 05:59 am

Qualification: M.A in economics and MBA in International Business

Profile ID: 2783

Full Name: Tejas Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 24/December/1989 07:55 am

Qualification: Post Graduation Programme in Banking & Finance

Profile ID: 2781

Full Name: Bhavya Mayur Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/November/1990 12:23 pm

Qualification: M.SC IT, B.ed

Profile ID: 2774

Full Name: Tejas M Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/August/1987 10:42 am

Qualification: B Com

Profile ID: 2773

Full Name: Riddhi Umeshbhai Bhuva

Date Of Birth: 27/May/1991 02:35 pm

Qualification: Chartered Accountant, M.com, B.com

Profile ID: 2772

Full Name: Nikhil R Parekh

Date Of Birth: 13/May/1987 10:05 pm

Qualification: bcom

Profile ID: 2771

Full Name: Nikunj R Parekh

Date Of Birth: 13/May/1987 09:51 pm

Qualification: bcom

Profile ID: 2767

Full Name: Balkrishna N Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 12/January/1992 10:32 pm


Profile ID: 2766

Full Name: Chandni Mehta

Date Of Birth: 09/February/1992 06:00 am

Qualification: Bcom, Mom1

Profile ID: 2765

Full Name: Chintan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/October/1989 11:50 pm


Profile ID: 2764

Full Name: Hitesh Harshad Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1979 06:18 am

Qualification: B,com, Comp Hardware.

Profile ID: 2763

Full Name: Kreena Pramesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/April/1987 06:42 pm

Qualification: BDS

Profile ID: 2759

Full Name: Nishant Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 19/October/1993 03:00 am

Qualification: i did b.com and PGDBO course from niit.

Profile ID: 2758

Full Name: Rohan Rajiv Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/July/1987 07:15 am

Qualification: MBA

Profile ID: 2757

Full Name: Dimple Rajesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 02/May/1990 07:45 pm

Qualification: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Finance),Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune (SCDL)

Profile ID: 2756

Full Name: Vidhi Manish Nayani

Date Of Birth: 04/October/1993 11:57 pm

Qualification: Appeared for Final Exam of Chartered Accounts

Profile ID: 2755

Full Name: Rushabh Prashant Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1991 09:35 am

Qualification: BBA,P.G.D.B.M.

Profile ID: 2754

Full Name: Harsh Atul Modi

Date Of Birth: 06/October/1988 04:02 am

Qualification: IT Engineer( D.J Sanghvi college. Of Engg.)

Profile ID: 2753

Full Name: Maulik Bipin Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 05/June/1984 07:28 pm


Profile ID: 2752

Full Name: Nidhi Mukeshbhai Laheri

Date Of Birth: 13/January/1991 08:43 am

Qualification: Diploma In computer Engineering (Nirma University) Degree In Computer Engineering ( Running)

Profile ID: 2751

Full Name: Urmil Mukesh Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 22/December/1988 12:02 am

Qualification: Masters In Communication (Advertising)

Profile ID: 2750

Full Name: Sameer Harkishan Modi

Date Of Birth: 18/August/1978 10:40 pm

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 2746

Full Name: Ankur Haresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 07/July/1988 09:15 pm

Qualification: B.Com, CS

Profile ID: 2745

Full Name: Nishit Doshi

Date Of Birth: 10/November/1988 11:10 pm

Qualification: MBA- Marketing

Profile ID: 2743

Full Name: Sujen Arvind Valia

Date Of Birth: 02/July/1980 02:15 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 2742

Full Name: Dhruvi Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1991 05:20 am

Qualification: M.com (Specialisation in Banking & Finance)

Profile ID: 2741

Full Name: Alok Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 28/September/1988 05:41 pm

Qualification: MBA - Marketing

Profile ID: 2740

Full Name: Komal Nitin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 21/December/1991 08:47 am


Profile ID: 2736

Full Name: Sanskruti Nitin Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 14/August/1992 06:34 am

Qualification: BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration : K.S School Of Business Management, Ahmedabad

Profile ID: 2732

Full Name: Jatin.rajendra.mehta

Date Of Birth: 05/January/1984 11:10 am

Qualification: B,pharm PGDBA (Marketing) Symbosis (external)

Profile ID: 2729

Full Name: Esha Mehta

Date Of Birth: 25/October/1991 08:50 am

Qualification: b.com,Diploma in fashion designing, ECCED

Profile ID: 2728

Full Name: Dipali Mehta

Date Of Birth: 27/November/1990 11:40 pm

Qualification: B.Com & M.Com ( 1st year )

Profile ID: 2726

Full Name: Monil Sheth

Date Of Birth: 02/July/1987 05:12 pm

Qualification: iT Engineering from D.Y.Patil College

Profile ID: 2723

Full Name: Charmi Harshad Mehta

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1990 01:00 am

Qualification: B.com

Profile ID: 2722

Full Name: Pratik Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/December/1988 01:02 pm

Qualification: IT Graduate (BscIT), Diploma in EXTC

Profile ID: 2721

Full Name: Purvi Pankaj Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/February/1992 09:50 am

Qualification: B.Com, M.com, PGDM in finance from Welingkar Institute

Profile ID: 2720

Full Name: Neha Jitendra Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 09/October/1986 03:29 am


Profile ID: 2717

Full Name: Bhumika Sudhir Katakia

Date Of Birth: 05/February/1986 09:12 pm

Qualification: HSC + Diploma in Fashion Designing

Profile ID: 2716

Full Name: Mansi Ketan Parekh

Date Of Birth: 21/November/1989 07:05 pm

Qualification: B.com(Mithibai) , E.c.c.e (Avm), Diploma in Marketing Management (Welingkar)

Profile ID: 2715

Full Name: Vikram Rajnikant Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 14/March/1978 04:35 pm

Qualification: hsc

Profile ID: 2711

Full Name: Shweta Ashok Sheth

Date Of Birth: 03/November/1984 07:45 am

Qualification: M.com,MBA(Marketing)

Profile ID: 2706

Full Name: Sukumar Devendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/March/1989 08:40 pm

Qualification: graduated from KES College kandivali and Animation from Arena Multimedia VileParle

Profile ID: 2704

Full Name: Dhara Haresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/January/1991 10:05 am

Qualification: Hotel Management of Hospitality Study, Mumbai University

Profile ID: 2703

Full Name: Bhavik Ashokkumar Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 08/July/1990 08:25 am

Qualification: Electrical Engineering

Profile ID: 2700

Full Name: Dr. Amishi Vijay Vora

Date Of Birth: 01/June/1989 03:10 am

Qualification: MBBS at GMC Kolhapur , presently pursuing MS Gynaecology and Obsterics

Profile ID: 2699

Full Name: Rutu Jaideep Parikh

Date Of Birth: 31/December/1991 09:05 am

Qualification: B.Sc.(mathematics), Msc- climate change and impact management

Profile ID: 2697

Full Name: Riddhi Jatin Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 12/May/1987 08:37 pm

Qualification: Commerce

Profile ID: 2695

Full Name: Sagar Rajendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1989 10:55 pm

Qualification: Bachelors in Computer Engineering (B.E)

Profile ID: 2694

Full Name: Niharika Paren Sheth

Date Of Birth: 03/September/1992 07:04 am

Qualification: Graduate in Literature and Psychology Mumbai University + Applied Art from Sophia Polytechique

Profile ID: 2689

Full Name: Gandhi Priyank

Date Of Birth: 21/July/1988 08:12 am

Qualification: Post Graduate (M.com) from Mumbai University

Profile ID: 2687

Full Name: Sagar Parekh

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1992 12:00 am

Qualification: Mechanical engineering

Profile ID: 2686

Full Name: Heta Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/June/1984 05:37 pm

Qualification: B. A, Diploma in Jewellery designing, Diploma in Copy Writing.

Profile ID: 2685

Full Name: Darshna Chitaliya

Date Of Birth: 01/November/1979 10:45 am

Qualification: B.A pass