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Profile ID: 3354

Full Name: Khushbu Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/October/1984 02:55 pm

Qualification: Masters in Commerce & Export-Import

Profile ID: 3351

Full Name: Rinal Dhiren Karvat

Date Of Birth: 17/April/1992 05:15 am

Qualification: B.Com, Pursuing Company Secretary Final (Cleared 1 group), Diploma in patisserie (Pastry chef- Lavonne academy, Bangalore, London city&guilds)

Profile ID: 3345

Full Name: Kishan Satish Karvat

Date Of Birth: 02/July/1989 03:50 pm

Qualification: MBA in Finance from N.L Dalmiya Institute and B.E. in Electrical from S.P. College of Engineering, Cleared FRM Level One

Profile ID: 3343

Full Name: Priyal Bhupesh Vora

Date Of Birth: 24/August/1990 02:27 pm

Qualification: Associate degree in Photography from Academy of Art University (USA). Diploma in Fine art photography from NIP (Mumbai). B.Com from M.K Sanghvi Collage (VileParle, Mumbai).

Profile ID: 3342

Full Name: Chintan Manish Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 19/November/1991 11:55 am

Qualification: Masters in Electrical Engineering (USA)

Profile ID: 3340

Full Name: Mehul Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/November/1988 07:09 am

Qualification: B.com, MCA

Profile ID: 3335

Full Name: Chandni Parekh

Date Of Birth: 19/June/1987 04:45 am

Qualification: MBA - Human Resource

Profile ID: 3334

Full Name: Dhaval Modi

Date Of Birth: 24/November/1987 12:44 am

Qualification: Electronics & Telecommunication

Profile ID: 3331

Full Name: Ayushi Manoj Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/July/1994 11:20 am

Qualification: B.Sc in Textile & Fashion Technology from Nirmala Niketan College (Churchgate) , Certified course in Computer Aided Designing.

Profile ID: 3329

Full Name: Hardik Vijay Vora

Date Of Birth: 23/April/1991 07:20 am

Qualification: MBA in Financial Management from Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research ,Post Graduation in Banking Operations from Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance, Bcom from N.M. College

Profile ID: 3327

Full Name: Mr. Nayan Bhutta

Date Of Birth: 08/September/1989 10:55 pm

Qualification: B.com

Profile ID: 3326

Full Name: Devang Ajay Parekh

Date Of Birth: 17/October/1986 12:28 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3325

Full Name: Virali Rajendrabhai Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 26/October/1991 08:05 am

Qualification: M.com

Profile ID: 3321

Full Name: Alok Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 20/June/1990 11:31 am

Qualification: Chartered accountant

Profile ID: 3320

Full Name: Dhara Bhavesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/September/1990 02:10 am

Qualification: Bachelor in Accounting and Finance and CA 1 st level clear

Profile ID: 3319

Full Name: Manish Haresh Vora

Date Of Birth: 15/July/1991 06:03 pm

Qualification: PGDM ( Post Graduation diploma in Management ) Specialisation : Finance ( Derivative Capital )

Profile ID: 3316

Full Name: Grishma Atul Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 19/February/1988 01:42 am

Qualification: B.A, E.C.C.Ed, B.Ed

Profile ID: 3315

Full Name: Sagar Rajendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1989 10:55 pm

Qualification: Bachelors in Computer Engineering (B.E)

Profile ID: 3314

Full Name: Aditi Tushar Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 20/May/1993 12:10 pm

Qualification: fashion design

Profile ID: 3312

Full Name: Mayank Paresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/April/1986 08:10 am

Qualification: Masters in Marketing from University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Profile ID: 3311

Full Name: Ankit Ajay Jangla

Date Of Birth: 01/September/1988 12:05 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Graduate from NM College.

Profile ID: 3309

Full Name: Dewanshi Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 02/September/1993 02:45 pm

Qualification: MBA ( FINANCE, H.R.)

Profile ID: 3308

Full Name: Archana Bharatkumar Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/November/1991 11:05 pm

Qualification: MBA in Finance

Profile ID: 3307

Full Name: Abhay Kishore Goradia

Date Of Birth: 20/November/1980 12:00 am


Profile ID: 3299

Full Name: Neha Vinay Sheth

Date Of Birth: 10/April/1991 08:02 am

Qualification: Advance 3d animation and Vfx

Profile ID: 3290

Full Name: Vaibhav Pramodchandra Meh

Date Of Birth: 22/January/1994 08:01 pm

Qualification: B.E.CIVIL ENGINEER,Preparation for master of engineering

Profile ID: 3284

Full Name: Rahul Dilipbhai Sayar

Date Of Birth: 11/January/1980 07:00 am

Qualification: Diploma in Automobile engineering

Profile ID: 3282

Full Name: Disha Modi

Date Of Birth: 28/November/1990 01:15 pm

Qualification: MBA in Human Resource

Profile ID: 3281

Full Name: Keyur Nalin Chitaliya

Date Of Birth: 03/September/1991 11:51 am


Profile ID: 3280

Full Name: Binita Mayur Patel

Date Of Birth: 04/February/1990 06:33 pm

Qualification: CS and Pursuing LL.B

Profile ID: 3279

Full Name: Mansi Chandresh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 21/October/1993 02:20 pm

Qualification: MBA from Aston University, London

Profile ID: 3278

Full Name: Kruti Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 16/July/1985 02:05 pm

Qualification: BA LLB

Profile ID: 3277

Full Name: Hiren Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 04/March/1985 06:06 pm

Qualification: HSC COMMERCE

Profile ID: 3276

Full Name: Bhavin Yogesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 31/January/1992 02:09 pm

Qualification: M.Com, Computer Hardware & Networking

Profile ID: 3275

Full Name: Dr. Bhavin Jayant Doshi

Date Of Birth: 02/January/1984 11:10 am


Profile ID: 3274

Full Name: Divyesh Narendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/February/1990 11:05 am

Qualification: bcom & export &import course n.l college malad

Profile ID: 3271

Full Name: Jay Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/April/1990 02:32 pm

Qualification: B.com and Banking Exam appeared

Profile ID: 3266

Full Name: Hiral Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/May/1991 12:35 am

Qualification: EXTC

Profile ID: 3263

Full Name: Sanket Deepak Goradia

Date Of Birth: 23/April/1990 12:00 am


Profile ID: 3262

Full Name: Parth Bhadresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 19/June/1991 10:35 am

Qualification: B.M.M (Bachelor Of Mass Media)

Profile ID: 3258

Full Name: Akash Suresh Desai

Date Of Birth: 21/September/1986 07:27 am

Qualification: SYJC

Profile ID: 3245

Full Name: Meera Bhavinbhai Desai

Date Of Birth: 01/August/1992 03:45 pm

Qualification: B.E. Computer Engineering

Profile ID: 3237

Full Name: Jimit Kamlesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 30/November/1992 08:00 pm

Qualification: Commerce graduate with distinction, Pursued two years of Company Secretary.

Profile ID: 3236

Full Name: Jai Parekh

Date Of Birth: 26/January/1990 08:25 pm

Qualification: B.F.M

Profile ID: 3229

Full Name: Darshita D Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 06/January/1987 09:45 pm

Qualification: M.com + A.T.D

Profile ID: 3225

Full Name: Karan Sanjay Mehta

Date Of Birth: 26/May/1990 06:10 pm

Qualification: BSc-IT, BCA, Diploma in DotNet Technology (NIIT), Microsoft Certified Professional

Profile ID: 3224

Full Name: Raj Nitesh Bhutta

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1990 08:30 pm

Qualification: B.E. in Computers

Profile ID: 3223

Full Name: Krupa Sunil Parekh

Date Of Birth: 10/April/1992 08:40 am

Qualification: Bcom, IPCC and CS executive cleared. Persuing CA final

Profile ID: 3219

Full Name: Palna Bankim Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 16/April/1992 07:37 pm

Qualification: BBM (IB) – MIT Pune University, Post Graduation in Event Management – From NIEM – Pune, Pursuing M.Com – Pune University

Profile ID: 3218

Full Name: Jatin Kishore Goradia

Date Of Birth: 25/July/1983 09:40 am

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 3216

Full Name: Abhay Kishore Goradia

Date Of Birth: 20/November/1980 11:05 pm

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 3215

Full Name: Pratik .ravindra.sheth

Date Of Birth: 23/May/1991 03:07 pm

Qualification: BCOM,BCA,NISM

Profile ID: 3212

Full Name: Mitali Harshadbhai Shah

Date Of Birth: 20/January/1995 06:40 am

Qualification: Bcom(in gujarati medium)

Profile ID: 3211

Full Name: Kinjal Kishor Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/March/1985 10:20 am

Qualification: Master in Computer Management

Profile ID: 3208

Full Name: Madhavi Yogesh Bhuva

Date Of Birth: 01/November/1991 02:45 am

Qualification: MBA in Human Resource

Profile ID: 3200

Full Name: Shreyansh.h.mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/January/1986 09:31 pm

Qualification: M.sc (micro),B.sc(micro),D.pharm

Profile ID: 3199

Full Name: Harshil Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 28/August/1989 01:50 pm

Qualification: B.E in Computer Science

Profile ID: 3197

Full Name: Ronak Harshadkumar Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 16/December/1987 02:11 pm

Qualification: Mechanical engineering from k J Somaiya college of engineering

Profile ID: 3183

Full Name: Premal Doshi

Date Of Birth: 31/January/1986 09:43 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3168

Full Name: Chirag Mahesh Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 15/July/1990 10:30 am

Qualification: B.Com, LLB.

Profile ID: 3166

Full Name: Shikha Kamlesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/December/1992 01:55 am

Qualification: B.com; LLB; CS (Pursuing)

Profile ID: 3153

Full Name: Manali Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/January/1990 12:00 am

Qualification: ssc

Profile ID: 3152

Full Name: Dr.jigna Rajnikant Parekh

Date Of Birth: 05/November/1981 12:00 am

Qualification: MBBS; MBA in Healthcare Management

Profile ID: 3137

Full Name: Mansi Doshi

Date Of Birth: 01/September/1989 12:35 am

Qualification: Hsc ,Ecc

Profile ID: 3133

Full Name: Mrudit Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 16/November/1987 09:15 am

Qualification: Electronics Engineering

Profile ID: 3098

Full Name: Shivangi Shanghvi

Date Of Birth: 29/September/1989 07:44 am

Qualification: B.Sc (Biotechnology), B.Ed.

Profile ID: 3097

Full Name: Khushboo Sanat Chitaliya

Date Of Birth: 26/August/1988 05:44 am

Qualification: BA/ MA/ French 1st level / Fashion designer

Profile ID: 3096

Full Name: Fenil Lalit Goradia

Date Of Birth: 23/November/1987 05:05 pm

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3095

Full Name: Jigar Vinay Vora

Date Of Birth: 26/October/1990 07:03 pm

Qualification: MBA (FINANCE) From MET College,Bandra

Profile ID: 3094

Full Name: Malvi Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 01/February/1991 06:32 pm

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3091

Full Name: Bhakti Pankaj Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 18/September/1991 06:08 pm

Qualification: Bachelor in banking and insurance, MBA in HR , Mcom part1

Profile ID: 3088

Full Name: Janki Prakash Modi

Date Of Birth: 09/June/1993 10:06 am

Qualification: MSC IT

Profile ID: 3087

Full Name: Hemen Satish Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 31/December/1975 12:00 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 3085

Full Name: Nishita Jayesh Doshi

Date Of Birth: 13/December/1993 09:36 am

Qualification: B.Com from N. K. College, M.Com from Mumbai University, B.Ed. from Oxford College.

Profile ID: 3084

Full Name: Dimple Pankaj Desai

Date Of Birth: 18/February/1992 03:46 am

Qualification: Bachelors in Accounting & Finance. Masters in Advance Accountancy ,Post Graduation Diploma in Finance Management from WELINGKAR Institute of Management Studies, Matunga

Profile ID: 3080

Full Name: Tejas Pankaj Parekh

Date Of Birth: 18/July/1991 08:34 pm

Qualification: B.Com , Chartered Accountant , LLB (General)

Profile ID: 3079

Full Name: Foram Prakash Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/October/1992 07:10 pm

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3076

Full Name: Gaurang Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 06/April/1986 06:45 am

Qualification: B. Com

Profile ID: 3074

Full Name: Dhwani Mehul Shah

Date Of Birth: 17/February/1993 01:07 am

Qualification: B. S. C. Owners in multimedia and design

Profile ID: 3068

Full Name: Niraj Lalit Mehta

Date Of Birth: 18/October/1985 05:15 am

Qualification: T.Y.B.Com

Profile ID: 3067

Full Name: Dhrumil Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/February/1989 06:45 am

Qualification: BE - Computers

Profile ID: 3064

Full Name: Ruchita Desai

Date Of Birth: 27/January/1992 01:21 am

Qualification: Bachelor in Accounting and Finance

Profile ID: 3063

Full Name: Kartik Modi

Date Of Birth: 30/January/1988 07:13 am


Profile ID: 3062

Full Name: Amit Rajendra Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 03/August/1988 02:02 am

Qualification: post graduate diploma in finance management

Profile ID: 3061

Full Name: Niharika Paren Sheth

Date Of Birth: 03/September/1992 07:04 am

Qualification: Applied Arts from Sophia College Mumbai, BA with Literature

Profile ID: 3060

Full Name: Yash Vidyavrat Muni

Date Of Birth: 26/October/1987 06:40 am

Qualification: Master of Computer Science from Binghamton University, New York State

Profile ID: 3059

Full Name: Khyati Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/April/1993 12:27 pm

Qualification: PGDM in Banking & Finance from NMIMS Mumbai

Profile ID: 3058

Full Name: Pooja Dharmesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 06/April/1993 01:47 am

Qualification: b.com

Profile ID: 3053

Full Name: Dhagash Kaushal Vora

Date Of Birth: 29/December/1989 01:12 pm

Qualification: MBA (Finance), M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Profile ID: 3052

Full Name: Khyati Doshi

Date Of Birth: 13/May/1993 05:10 pm

Qualification: Bachelors of commerce from N.M college , CS,LLB

Profile ID: 3051

Full Name: Maulik Mehta

Date Of Birth: 05/December/1985 06:55 am

Qualification: B. Com

Profile ID: 3049

Full Name: Komal Jayesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 17/October/1992 07:55 am

Qualification: BMM

Profile ID: 3048

Full Name: G0plka

Date Of Birth: 15/October/1987 11:55 am

Qualification: B.com (Narsee Monjee college ), Inter-CA (ICAI)

Profile ID: 3046

Full Name: Umang Mukesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 25/October/1991 02:32 am

Qualification: Masters of Science in Computer Science, Northeastern University, USA. BE in Computer Engineering

Profile ID: 3043

Full Name: Sonal Parekh

Date Of Birth: 16/September/1986 12:24 am

Qualification: TYBA MBA

Profile ID: 3041

Full Name: Karan Narendra Jangla

Date Of Birth: 30/October/1988 10:10 pm

Qualification: B.E. Computer Engineering

Profile ID: 3038

Full Name: Chintan Virendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 31/January/1990 11:15 pm

Qualification: B e in Electronics and telecommunications

Profile ID: 3036

Full Name: Naynesh Gunvantrai Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/April/1990 12:05 am

Qualification: B.E. E&TC

Profile ID: 3035

Full Name: Kajal Doshi

Date Of Birth: 14/March/1992 09:52 am

Qualification: BMM(bachelors of Mass Media)-K C College,Mumbai

Profile ID: 3034

Full Name: Khushboo Vinod Jangla

Date Of Birth: 12/August/1992 07:13 pm

Qualification: Company secretary (C.S) (Final year), Masters in Commerce (M.COM)

Profile ID: 3032

Full Name: Hansat Parekh

Date Of Birth: 13/April/1989 09:42 pm

Qualification: PGDBM Marketing from N L Dalmia Management College and BE Comps in K J Somaiiya (Mumbai University)

Profile ID: 3031

Full Name: Mitali Vipul Mehta

Date Of Birth: 22/January/1992 08:15 pm

Qualification: MA English, B.Ed

Profile ID: 3029

Full Name: Malav Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 18/December/1989 05:18 pm

Qualification: Product Desingner from National Instituted for Desing, Ahemdabad, India; MA/Msc Dual Master's Degree in innovation design Engineering at Royal College of Art & Imperal College London, Uk

Profile ID: 3027

Full Name: Pathik Vimal Modi

Date Of Birth: 22/March/1989 07:13 pm

Qualification: MBA (Finance) , CFA level-1

Profile ID: 3025

Full Name: Hardav Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/April/1989 09:12 am

Qualification: Appearing final CA

Profile ID: 3024

Full Name: Ishita Milan Goradia

Date Of Birth: 20/March/1988 09:12 am


Profile ID: 3022

Full Name: Nayan Yogesh Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 05/December/1991 09:05 am

Qualification: MBA (marketing & Operation) from ICFAI hyderabad

Profile ID: 3020

Full Name: Jatin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1986 10:43 pm

Qualification: MBA/MMS in Finance, FRM, DTIRM

Profile ID: 3019

Full Name: Mahek Bharatbhai Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1985 02:40 pm

Qualification: Mech. Engineer

Profile ID: 3018

Full Name: Falgesh Prataprai Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 27/October/1976 10:37 am

Qualification: B.Com., Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3014

Full Name: Aditi Rajesh Valia

Date Of Birth: 06/September/1993 05:37 pm

Qualification: M.COM,2nd yr B.ED

Profile ID: 3011

Full Name: Siddhant Goradia

Date Of Birth: 22/September/1991 09:26 am

Qualification: B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies and Catering Services

Profile ID: 3009

Full Name: Soham Nilesh Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 05/September/1990 03:25 pm

Qualification: Masters in Global Business- Marketing (S P Jain School of Global Management) , B.E - Electronics Engineering(Mumbai University)

Profile ID: 3007

Full Name: Komal Kishan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 22/May/1985 10:02 pm

Qualification: HSC from B.M. Ruia Girls college

Profile ID: 3006

Full Name: Kuntal Amit Vora

Date Of Birth: 20/September/1992 01:00 pm

Qualification: M.A. in Counselling Psychology (SNDT University), B.A. in Psychology (Mumbai University)

Profile ID: 3005

Full Name: Miral Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 27/December/1991 09:34 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profile ID: 3003

Full Name: Punit Hitesh Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 09/September/1991 02:30 pm


Profile ID: 3002

Full Name: Pratik Nilesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/January/1991 11:00 am

Qualification: B.E. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer

Profile ID: 3000

Full Name: Dr Aakruti Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/November/1984 03:08 am

Qualification: BDS(Dentist)

Profile ID: 2999

Full Name: Parag Tarun Parekh

Date Of Birth: 01/August/1984 01:30 pm

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 2993

Full Name: Aakash Kirti Mody

Date Of Birth: 10/February/1992 06:30 am

Qualification: OWNER

Profile ID: 2991

Full Name: Vaibhav Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 02/April/1987 08:05 am

Qualification: Diploma In Business Management

Profile ID: 2990

Full Name: Krupali K. Sheth

Date Of Birth: 19/September/1992 10:52 pm

Qualification: MBA - Finance

Profile ID: 2988

Full Name: Khushbu Bhavesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1989 07:39 pm

Qualification: MBA in Marketing from Hult University,Dubai and BE in Chemicals from DJ Shanghai, Mumbai

Profile ID: 2985

Full Name: Miten Shailesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 16/October/1990 08:21 am

Qualification: B.com

Profile ID: 2983

Full Name: Kinjal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 11/December/1992 09:45 am

Qualification: Masters in Business Management

Profile ID: 2981

Full Name: Anushree Kirti Mehta

Date Of Birth: 23/June/1990 06:40 pm

Qualification: B.A.

Profile ID: 2977

Full Name: Krupali Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/September/1988 04:30 pm


Profile ID: 2975

Full Name: Drashti Atul Goradia

Date Of Birth: 01/October/1993 02:42 am

Qualification: B. E (Electronics)

Profile ID: 2974

Full Name: Dhwani Dharmesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 08/August/1992 10:00 pm

Qualification: Postgraduation in Advertising, Design and Digital Marketing

Profile ID: 2973

Full Name: Zubin Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 25/June/1989 12:00 am

Qualification: Electronics and Telecom Engineering

Profile ID: 2972

Full Name: Aditya Nirmal Modi

Date Of Birth: 30/January/1989 11:40 am

Qualification: L.L.B., B.Sc (Hospitality and Hotel Management)

Profile ID: 2970

Full Name: Mihir Kantilal Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 08/September/1980 01:50 pm

Qualification: B.com & Jewellery designing

Profile ID: 2969

Full Name: Dhvani Yogendra Busa

Date Of Birth: 01/February/1992 08:45 pm

Qualification: B.D.S.(Dentist)

Profile ID: 2967

Full Name: Pooja H Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 21/November/1992 09:45 am

Qualification: post graduate diploma in labour program

Profile ID: 2966

Full Name: Megha Anilkumar Parekh

Date Of Birth: 21/November/1997 05:55 pm

Qualification: Computer Engineer S.E. IN Pune.

Profile ID: 2965

Full Name: Prachi Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/July/1992 01:03 pm

Qualification: Masters in Information Management, Syracuse University and B.E in Information Technology, D.J.Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai

Profile ID: 2964

Full Name: Khushali Jitendra Parekh

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1994 05:00 am


Profile ID: 2962

Full Name: Mit Sheth

Date Of Birth: 14/October/1990 06:25 am

Qualification: B.Tech in Information & Communication from DAIICT, Gandhinagar

Profile ID: 2961

Full Name: Manthan Kirit Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 04/February/1988 04:45 am

Qualification: C.S, LL.B, MBA (Finance), B,com

Profile ID: 2955

Full Name: Gunjan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/June/1990 10:15 am

Qualification: Masters of Science, Electrical And Computer Eng, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Profile ID: 2954

Full Name: Vidhi

Date Of Birth: 21/January/1986 04:13 am

Qualification: CS, LLB, MBL, B.com

Profile ID: 2953

Full Name: Sweta Bharat Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 10/January/1992 10:36 pm

Qualification: BscIT, MscIT

Profile ID: 2947

Full Name: Hardik Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 15/July/1988 09:00 pm

Qualification: B.Com, CS (company secretary), LLB, Mast. Business Law (NLS, Bangalore)

Profile ID: 2945

Full Name: Khushbu Mehta

Date Of Birth: 27/July/1991 08:01 pm


Profile ID: 2944

Full Name: Mihir Parekh

Date Of Birth: 10/May/1984 06:40 am

Qualification: B.E. I.T.

Profile ID: 2942

Full Name: Ruchita Harendra Goradia

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1986 09:05 am

Qualification: B.Com. Diploma in H.R.D

Profile ID: 2941

Full Name: Khushboo Sureshbhai Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/December/1989 02:30 am

Qualification: M.Sc ( Chemistry) B.Ed

Profile ID: 2939

Full Name: Kalpesh Arvind Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/August/1980 10:45 am

Qualification: Bcom ( Diploma in Electrical & Electronices).

Profile ID: 2937

Full Name: Jay Dilipbhai Modi

Date Of Birth: 10/August/1984 12:31 am

Qualification: B.COM

Profile ID: 2935

Full Name: Anuj Lakkad

Date Of Birth: 12/May/1991 02:38 pm

Qualification: Licensed Degree in Ame (currently working in oil field)

Profile ID: 2934

Full Name: Rajiv Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 20/April/1989 11:30 pm

Qualification: CA , MCOM , BCOM PURSUING CS

Profile ID: 2930

Full Name: Twisha Anil Mehta

Date Of Birth: 12/December/1990 09:48 am

Qualification: B.Com. pursuing CA. Appeared for FINAL CA exam

Profile ID: 2926

Full Name: Darshan Pravinkumar Patel

Date Of Birth: 27/September/1988 08:35 am

Qualification: software engineer , currently work on APPLE PROJECT

Profile ID: 2923

Full Name: Khushali Jitendra Parekh

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1994 05:05 am

Qualification: bcom pass English

Profile ID: 2919

Full Name: Rohan Harshad Shah

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1988 01:20 pm

Qualification: B.Com, CA ( Final yet to be cleared)

Profile ID: 2915

Full Name: Mitesh Ashokbhai Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 05/July/1981 07:30 am

Qualification: Graduate from P. D. Lions College of Commerce & Arts

Profile ID: 2912

Full Name: Payal Hemant Kothari

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1993 01:48 am


Profile ID: 2911

Full Name: Vikrant Ashok Patel

Date Of Birth: 25/May/1990 07:55 am


Profile ID: 2910

Full Name: Ashish Yogesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 28/March/1990 12:00 am


Profile ID: 2905

Full Name: Parth Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 11/October/1990 11:24 am

Qualification: MBA Finance from GIM

Profile ID: 2903

Full Name: Shraddha Nilesh Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 27/April/1992 02:16 am

Qualification: B.E. ( computer ) Mumbai University, M.S. ( Computer ) From University of California Los Angels..

Profile ID: 2902

Full Name: Ami Mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/October/1992 10:29 pm

Qualification: M.com

Profile ID: 2901

Full Name: Sheekha Shah

Date Of Birth: 24/February/1986 04:24 pm

Qualification: M.Sc in Biotech, Bangalore University

Profile ID: 2900

Full Name: Jimit Nitin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/September/1991 07:45 am

Qualification: B.E. Mechanical

Profile ID: 2899

Full Name: Sneha Praful Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 07/May/1991 09:45 pm

Qualification: M.Com

Profile ID: 2898

Full Name: Nidhi Raju Vora

Date Of Birth: 14/March/1993 09:32 am

Qualification: 1. CS from ICSI Institute 2. BLS/LLB from Pravin Gandhi College Of Law; 3. HSC from N.M College

Profile ID: 2897

Full Name: Priyanka Sanghavi (usa)

Date Of Birth: 24/October/1992 02:43 pm

Qualification: Masters of Science (Electrical and Computer),University of Colorado, Boulder,USA, 2016

Profile ID: 2895

Full Name: Amit Pankaj Kothari

Date Of Birth: 20/June/1990 12:08 am


Profile ID: 2894

Full Name: Keyur Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 09/June/1986 08:00 pm

Qualification: Medium English ssc and Jewellery course and computer course

Profile ID: 2892

Full Name: Dharmesh Ajay Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 26/August/1985 12:10 am

Qualification: Computer Engineer

Profile ID: 2891

Full Name: Dhaval Akshay Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 28/July/1988 12:03 pm

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 2890

Full Name: Vidhi Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 06/October/1993 03:43 pm

Qualification: Masters in International Relations*-

Profile ID: 2889

Full Name: Krupa Yogesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/September/1990 11:18 am

Qualification: MCOM PART -2 ACCOUNT KES SHROFF COLLEGE, Diploma in dot net technologies from NIIT

Profile ID: 2887

Full Name: Hiral Premang Goradia

Date Of Birth: 14/September/1990 03:57 pm

Qualification: MBA [HR], Bachelors of Management Studies (Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management)

Profile ID: 2885

Full Name: Kunal Sanjay Muni

Date Of Birth: 14/December/1989 12:00 am

Qualification: Chartered Accountant + CPA + MCom + BCom(NM College - Mumbai)

Profile ID: 2882

Full Name: Viren Hemant Muni(patel)

Date Of Birth: 26/July/1992 11:50 pm

Qualification: B.Com

Profile ID: 2881

Full Name: Zankar Sanghavi (usa)

Date Of Birth: 31/July/1991 10:13 pm

Qualification: MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering, USA | BE in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Profile ID: 2880

Full Name: Ushma Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/December/1991 05:38 am

Qualification: Digital Marketing Specialization (University of Illinois), Chartered Accountant- Final, Diploma in Taxation and Law

Profile ID: 2879

Full Name: Dimple Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/December/1990 11:10 pm

Qualification: MBA-FINANCE

Profile ID: 2873

Full Name: Disha Jayesh Doshi

Date Of Birth: 01/January/1993 08:40 am

Qualification: Masters in Clinical Psychology, Graduation in Psychology-Major (Mithibai), Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Remedial Education

Profile ID: 2872

Full Name: Dhara Vora

Date Of Birth: 23/February/1987 09:48 pm

Qualification: B Com with Banking and Insurance

Profile ID: 2869

Full Name: Jigar Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/December/1989 08:30 am

Qualification: Bachelors in Computer Science, Mumbai University, Masters in Information System, Pace University, New York.

Profile ID: 2864

Full Name: Devesh Pradip Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1990 02:10 pm

Qualification: MS in Computer Science

Profile ID: 2863

Full Name: Tanvi Mody

Date Of Birth: 24/December/1989 12:46 pm

Qualification: BA in Economics , ECC.ed course

Profile ID: 2862

Full Name: Harshal Dinesh Karvat

Date Of Birth: 05/December/1990 10:45 pm

Qualification: Bachelor of Banking and Insurance + Pursuing PGDBM from NMIMS.

Profile ID: 2861

Full Name: Hemal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/August/1986 06:13 pm

Qualification: B.com & Diploma in special effects

Profile ID: 2859

Full Name: Raj Madhusudan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 22/June/1991 12:00 am

Qualification: 12th pass in science

Profile ID: 2858

Full Name: Parth Jayesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/March/1991 10:34 am

Qualification: MBA in finanace

Profile ID: 2856

Full Name: Ritesh Ashwin Desai

Date Of Birth: 15/November/1990 09:01 pm

Qualification: BCom + PG Telecom Management + MBA IT Project Management

Profile ID: 2854

Full Name: Ami Suresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 16/June/1993 07:58 pm

Qualification: M.com

Profile ID: 2853

Full Name: Jinal Bharat Kanakia

Date Of Birth: 01/March/1992 10:37 am

Qualification: Graduate from Hinduja college currently pursuing PGD from welinkars

Profile ID: 2850

Full Name: Parag Jashmin Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 23/August/1990 01:17 pm

Qualification: CA , Bcom , CS ( Final )

Profile ID: 2849

Full Name: Parekh Ravi Rasikbhai

Date Of Birth: 04/December/1991 01:40 am

Qualification: MBA(Finance)

Profile ID: 2846

Full Name: Komal Shailesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 06/November/1990 12:47 pm

Qualification: BA (SIES College, Sion), Diploma in HR from Welingkar Institute, (Matunga) , Diploma in Career Counselling -2016 (SIES College, Sion)

Profile ID: 2839

Full Name: Neeleni Durgesh Kapadia

Date Of Birth: 09/November/1991 12:07 am

Qualification: B.Pharm (Mithibai Collge), MBA in Pharmaceutical Administration from Welingkar Institute

Profile ID: 2838

Full Name: Mallika Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 11/February/1990 03:07 pm

Qualification: PDBM - HR

Profile ID: 2837

Full Name: Nikhil Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 23/August/1985 06:55 pm


Profile ID: 2836

Full Name: Vishwa Kamlesh Doshi

Date Of Birth: 13/November/1992 02:15 am

Qualification: CA, CS, CFA level 1 cleared

Profile ID: 2835

Full Name: Pinkesh Kishor Doshi

Date Of Birth: 01/October/1989 07:36 am

Qualification: CS ( executive)

Profile ID: 2831

Full Name: Kunal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 23/July/1979 12:00 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 2830

Full Name: Niketa Mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/February/1988 06:45 am

Qualification: Masters in Physio-therapy

Profile ID: 2828

Full Name: Dr. Ritu Dharmendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 11/June/1992 05:31 am

Qualification: Bachelor of dental surgery

Profile ID: 2827

Full Name: Mitesh Padia

Date Of Birth: 14/November/1987 12:00 pm

Qualification: BMS

Profile ID: 2825

Full Name: Dharmik Bupendrabhai Muni

Date Of Birth: 23/November/1987 03:20 pm

Qualification: B.com, pursuing CA finals, pursuing MBA in Finance completed 1 year

Profile ID: 2823

Full Name: Dishant Rajesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/August/1988 01:40 am


Profile ID: 2818

Full Name: Saumil Jayesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 20/April/1990 07:19 pm

Qualification: PGDM in marketing (MBA)

Profile ID: 2816

Full Name: Janki Prakashbhai Hakani

Date Of Birth: 23/February/1990 09:45 am

Qualification: Interior Designer

Profile ID: 2815

Full Name: Bansri Hitesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 10/September/1990 10:20 am

Qualification: FDa in Interior Architechture

Profile ID: 2814

Full Name: Khyati Nitin Vora

Date Of Birth: 01/December/1981 10:20 am

Qualification: M. Com., M. Phil., Ph. D.

Profile ID: 2813

Full Name: Ankit Goradia

Date Of Birth: 13/September/1984 08:45 pm

Qualification: T Y B COM

Profile ID: 2812

Full Name: Ritesh Sudhir Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 03/March/1975 06:38 am

Qualification: HSC PASS

Profile ID: 2804

Full Name: Nidhi Rajendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 09/December/1988 03:04 am

Qualification: B.M.S

Profile ID: 2803

Full Name: Ami Prakash Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/March/1991 08:42 am

Qualification: Company secretary

Profile ID: 2800

Full Name: Mansi Jitendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1988 04:10 pm

Qualification: MBA from SIESCOMS

Profile ID: 2799

Full Name: Nidhi Gunvant Karvat

Date Of Birth: 28/November/1989 08:47 pm

Qualification: M.com, B.ed

Profile ID: 2795

Full Name: Aayushi Himanshu Mehta

Date Of Birth: 27/September/1988 03:12 pm

Qualification: MBA From IIM Trichy

Profile ID: 2793

Full Name: Kavita Vora

Date Of Birth: 02/September/1975 02:25 am

Qualification: Bcom.

Profile ID: 2792

Full Name: Vishal Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 23/June/1987 08:25 pm

Qualification: MBA from University of East Anglia (UK)

Profile ID: 2789

Full Name: Kruti Mody

Date Of Birth: 22/October/1978 11:35 am

Qualification: CS, LLB

Profile ID: 2788

Full Name: Viren Rajubhai. Mody

Date Of Birth: 03/February/1979 12:00 am


Profile ID: 2786

Full Name: Mansi Himmatlal Parekh

Date Of Birth: 30/November/1988 12:42 pm

Qualification: Bachelors in Banking & Insurance & MCom in Management from KPB Hinduja College - Charni Road

Profile ID: 2785

Full Name: Shreena Samir Mehta

Date Of Birth: 03/November/1993 05:59 am

Qualification: M.A in economics and MBA in International Business

Profile ID: 2783

Full Name: Tejas Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 24/December/1989 07:55 am

Qualification: Post Graduation Programme in Banking & Finance

Profile ID: 2781

Full Name: Bhavya Mayur Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/November/1990 12:23 pm

Qualification: M.SC IT, B.ed

Profile ID: 2774

Full Name: Tejas M Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/August/1987 10:42 am

Qualification: B Com

Profile ID: 2773

Full Name: Riddhi Umeshbhai Bhuva

Date Of Birth: 27/May/1991 02:35 pm

Qualification: Chartered Accountant, M.com, B.com

Profile ID: 2772

Full Name: Nikhil R Parekh

Date Of Birth: 13/May/1987 10:05 pm

Qualification: bcom

Profile ID: 2771

Full Name: Nikunj R Parekh

Date Of Birth: 13/May/1987 09:51 pm

Qualification: bcom

Profile ID: 2767

Full Name: Balkrishna N Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 12/January/1992 10:32 pm


Profile ID: 2766

Full Name: Chandni Mehta

Date Of Birth: 09/February/1992 06:00 am

Qualification: Bcom, Mom1

Profile ID: 2765

Full Name: Chintan Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/October/1989 11:50 pm


Profile ID: 2764

Full Name: Hitesh Harshad Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1979 06:18 am

Qualification: B,com, Comp Hardware.

Profile ID: 2763

Full Name: Kreena Pramesh Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/April/1987 06:42 pm

Qualification: BDS

Profile ID: 2759

Full Name: Nishant Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 19/October/1993 03:00 am

Qualification: i did b.com and PGDBO course from niit.

Profile ID: 2758

Full Name: Rohan Rajiv Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/July/1987 07:15 am

Qualification: MBA

Profile ID: 2757

Full Name: Dimple Rajesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 02/May/1990 07:45 pm

Qualification: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Finance),Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune (SCDL)

Profile ID: 2756

Full Name: Vidhi Manish Nayani

Date Of Birth: 04/October/1993 11:57 pm

Qualification: Appeared for Final Exam of Chartered Accounts

Profile ID: 2755

Full Name: Rushabh Prashant Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1991 09:35 am

Qualification: BBA,P.G.D.B.M.

Profile ID: 2754

Full Name: Harsh Atul Modi

Date Of Birth: 06/October/1988 04:02 am

Qualification: IT Engineer( D.J Sanghvi college. Of Engg.)

Profile ID: 2753

Full Name: Maulik Bipin Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 05/June/1984 07:28 pm


Profile ID: 2752

Full Name: Nidhi Mukeshbhai Laheri

Date Of Birth: 13/January/1991 08:43 am

Qualification: Diploma In computer Engineering (Nirma University) Degree In Computer Engineering ( Running)

Profile ID: 2751

Full Name: Urmil Mukesh Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 22/December/1988 12:02 am

Qualification: Masters In Communication (Advertising)

Profile ID: 2750

Full Name: Sameer Harkishan Modi

Date Of Birth: 18/August/1978 10:40 pm

Qualification: SSC

Profile ID: 2746

Full Name: Ankur Haresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 07/July/1988 09:15 pm

Qualification: B.Com, CS

Profile ID: 2745

Full Name: Nishit Doshi

Date Of Birth: 10/November/1988 11:10 pm

Qualification: MBA- Marketing

Profile ID: 2743

Full Name: Sujen Arvind Valia

Date Of Birth: 02/July/1980 02:15 am

Qualification: Bcom

Profile ID: 2742

Full Name: Dhruvi Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/January/1991 05:20 am

Qualification: M.com (Specialisation in Banking & Finance)

Profile ID: 2741

Full Name: Alok Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 28/September/1988 05:41 pm

Qualification: MBA - Marketing

Profile ID: 2740

Full Name: Komal Nitin Mehta

Date Of Birth: 21/December/1991 08:47 am


Profile ID: 2737

Full Name: Pratik

Date Of Birth: 09/July/1989 03:44 pm

Qualification: Electronic Technology

Profile ID: 2736

Full Name: Sanskruti Nitin Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 14/August/1992 06:34 am

Qualification: BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration : K.S School Of Business Management, Ahmedabad

Profile ID: 2732

Full Name: Jatin.rajendra.mehta

Date Of Birth: 05/January/1984 11:10 am

Qualification: B,pharm PGDBA (Marketing) Symbosis (external)

Profile ID: 2729

Full Name: Esha Mehta

Date Of Birth: 25/October/1991 08:50 am

Qualification: b.com,Diploma in fashion designing, ECCED

Profile ID: 2728

Full Name: Dipali Mehta

Date Of Birth: 27/November/1990 11:40 pm

Qualification: B.Com & M.Com

Profile ID: 2726

Full Name: Monil Sheth

Date Of Birth: 02/July/1987 05:12 pm

Qualification: iT Engineering from D.Y.Patil College

Profile ID: 2723

Full Name: Charmi Harshad Mehta

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1990 01:00 am

Qualification: B.com

Profile ID: 2722

Full Name: Pratik Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/December/1988 01:02 pm

Qualification: IT Graduate (BscIT), Diploma in EXTC

Profile ID: 2721

Full Name: Purvi Pankaj Mehta

Date Of Birth: 20/February/1992 09:50 am

Qualification: B.Com, M.com, PGDM in finance from Welingkar Institute

Profile ID: 2720

Full Name: Neha Jitendra Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 09/October/1986 03:29 am


Profile ID: 2717

Full Name: Bhumika Sudhir Katakia

Date Of Birth: 05/February/1986 09:12 pm

Qualification: HSC + Diploma in Fashion Designing

Profile ID: 2716

Full Name: Mansi Ketan Parekh

Date Of Birth: 21/November/1989 07:05 pm

Qualification: B.com(Mithibai) , E.c.c.e (Avm), Diploma in Marketing Management (Welingkar)

Profile ID: 2715

Full Name: Vikram Rajnikant Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 14/March/1978 04:35 pm

Qualification: hsc

Profile ID: 2711

Full Name: Shweta Ashok Sheth

Date Of Birth: 03/November/1984 07:45 am

Qualification: M.com,MBA(Marketing)

Profile ID: 2706

Full Name: Sukumar Devendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 06/March/1989 08:40 pm

Qualification: graduated from KES College kandivali and Animation from Arena Multimedia VileParle

Profile ID: 2704

Full Name: Dhara Haresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 15/January/1991 10:05 am

Qualification: Hotel Management of Hospitality Study, Mumbai University

Profile ID: 2703

Full Name: Bhavik Ashokkumar Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 08/July/1990 08:25 am

Qualification: Electrical Engineering

Profile ID: 2700

Full Name: Dr. Amishi Vijay Vora

Date Of Birth: 01/June/1989 03:10 am

Qualification: MBBS at GMC Kolhapur , presently pursuing MS Gynaecology and Obsterics

Profile ID: 2699

Full Name: Rutu Jaideep Parikh

Date Of Birth: 31/December/1991 09:05 am

Qualification: B.Sc.(mathematics), Msc- climate change and impact management

Profile ID: 2697

Full Name: Riddhi Jatin Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 12/May/1987 08:37 pm

Qualification: Commerce

Profile ID: 2695

Full Name: Sagar Rajendra Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/May/1989 10:55 pm

Qualification: Bachelors in Computer Engineering (B.E)

Profile ID: 2694

Full Name: Niharika Paren Sheth

Date Of Birth: 03/September/1992 07:04 am

Qualification: Graduate in Literature and Psychology Mumbai University + Applied Art from Sophia Polytechique

Profile ID: 2693

Full Name: Kirtan Ajay Bhuta

Date Of Birth: 07/May/1992 08:24 pm

Qualification: 1) BSC IT, 2) Microsoft certified system Engineer,3) Cisco certified Networking Associate in Voice, 4) Cisco certified Professional in Routing and Switching, 5) Junipar certified Engineer.

Profile ID: 2689

Full Name: Gandhi Priyank

Date Of Birth: 21/July/1988 08:12 am

Qualification: Post Graduate (M.com) from Mumbai University

Profile ID: 2687

Full Name: Sagar Parekh

Date Of Birth: 15/August/1992 12:00 am

Qualification: Mechanical engineering

Profile ID: 2686

Full Name: Heta Mehta

Date Of Birth: 30/June/1984 05:37 pm

Qualification: B. A, Diploma in Jewellery designing, Diploma in Copy Writing.

Profile ID: 2685

Full Name: Darshna Chitaliya

Date Of Birth: 01/November/1979 10:45 am

Qualification: B.A pass

Profile ID: 2684

Full Name: Harsh Modi

Date Of Birth: 17/October/1987 01:30 pm

Qualification: MCOM, DIM

Profile ID: 2683

Full Name: Yashvi Dilip Chitalia

Date Of Birth: 18/August/1991 10:04 am

Qualification: BFM, HR College & MCom I

Profile ID: 2682

Full Name: Jaineel Parekh

Date Of Birth: 21/January/1985 03:25 am

Qualification: Bds /Mds orthodontist

Profile ID: 2680

Full Name: Bhavik Umesh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 24/February/1987 05:11 am

Qualification: B.E. (I.T.)

Profile ID: 2679

Full Name: Shikha Parekh

Date Of Birth: 04/June/1991 04:16 pm

Qualification: B.com and Interior designing from Rachna sansad college of interior designing.

Profile ID: 2677

Full Name: Vipul. Hasmukhbhai. Gandh

Date Of Birth: 19/September/1985 05:08 pm

Qualification: M.E. Master Degree

Profile ID: 2676

Full Name: Tiya Paresh Sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 15/March/1990 10:00 pm

Qualification: B.com , LLB

Profile ID: 2674

Full Name: Ratna Gaurang Vora

Date Of Birth: 06/December/1988 05:42 am

Qualification: B.PT. Physiotherapy from Pune / M.PT (Sports) from Mangalore.

Profile ID: 2673

Full Name: Mittal Jitendra Shah

Date Of Birth: 20/June/1989 05:30 am

Qualification: BA

Profile ID: 2671

Full Name: Pratik Chimanlal Mehta

Date Of Birth: 28/November/1986 10:04 am

Qualification: B.E. Electronics, Vidyalankar institute of technology

Profile ID: 2667

Full Name: Mitalee Mehta

Date Of Birth: 11/June/1989 12:23 am

Qualification: B COM LLB

Profile ID: 2666

Full Name: Hasti Goradia

Date Of Birth: 08/June/1989 04:06 pm

Qualification: B.E. Electronics, diploma in patisserie( le cordon bleu london)

Profile ID: 2665

Full Name: Amit Harish Doshi

Date Of Birth: 23/August/1989 01:10 am

Qualification: MBA in finance

Profile ID: 2663

Full Name: Bhumika Parekh

Date Of Birth: 10/December/1988 06:34 am

Qualification: Cost Accountant (CMA)

Profile ID: 2662

Full Name: Maulik Mehta

Date Of Birth: 04/June/1987 01:53 pm

Qualification: CA, CPA & LLB

Profile ID: 2661

Full Name: Nayan Ashok Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 26/March/1981 01:40 am

Qualification: SYJC

Profile ID: 2659

Full Name: Nimesh Doshi

Date Of Birth: 05/October/1989 12:10 pm

Qualification: B.E. in EXTC from Sardar Patel, Mumbai

Profile ID: 2658

Full Name: Rahul Sanghvi

Date Of Birth: 01/June/1985 08:50 am

Qualification: B.Com

Profile ID: 2657

Full Name: Parag K.sanghavi

Date Of Birth: 29/August/1984 04:38 pm


Profile ID: 2652

Full Name: Hiren Paresh Mehta

Date Of Birth: 13/October/1990 11:45 pm

Qualification: BLS, LL.B,LL.M (Master in Law)

Profile ID: 2651

Full Name: Kruti Deepak Valia

Date Of Birth: 21/October/1989 06:37 am

Qualification: B.A. with Economics / Statistics, M.A. with Statistics

Profile ID: 2649

Full Name: Dipen Bharat Mehta

Date Of Birth: 14/November/1986 01:32 am

Qualification: appearing for c.a final

Profile ID: 2648

Full Name: Dr.disha Jayesh Gandhi

Date Of Birth: 16/July/1987 10:28 am

Qualification: MClintDent in Restorative Dentistry (Newcastle University, UK) B. D. S (Yerala Dental College, Kharghar)